With its members-only community, Creative Juice invites creators to join the Club

The creator economy boom has put money in the pockets of professional videomakers. That level of support is nice, but Creative Juice believes that financial backing becomes even better when paired with a supportive, insightful community. That’s the purpose of the Juice Club, a “members-only community” that launched on June 8.

The Juice Club is split into two tiers. Non-paying members get access to tools that smooth out the business side of the creator profession. Those services include AdSense advances and a Juice debit card, which is linked to a matching bank account. Creators who pay $49 per month get all those perks and much more. They’ll gain access to exclusive Club events, personalized funding through Creative Juice’s monetization models, and access to “advanced bookkeeping tools,” including the tax prep product Juice launched this year.

Creative Juice chose to launch its Club after finding that 90% of its partner creators view access to industry experts and resources as “indispensable” assets. Juice is looking to serve that community by offering an experience that, in the words of CEO and Co-Founder Sima Gandhi

, fits “the unique needs of creators.”

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Several creators have already joined the Juice Club, including Jon Youshaei, Jade Beason, and Lloyd Not George. “The number one thing that has helped me grow as a creator is community,” Lloyd Not George said in a statement. “Finally there’s a way for creators like me to get access to exclusive creator events through Juice Club. Now I can access actionable monthly creator sessions to grow.”

Juice’s rapid growth has been powered by multiple rounds of VC funding. In April 2022, the fintech company announced a $15 million Series A that added another $50 million to its proprietary Juice Funds.

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Sam Gutelle

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