For creators, taxes can be complicated. Creative Juice’s new product simplifies them.

By 03/15/2023
For creators, taxes can be complicated. Creative Juice’s new product simplifies them.

With Tax Day looming, Creative Juice is launching a new product to help creators sort out their finances. The fintech company has introduced Juice Books, a tax prep toolkit that will come in handy this time of year.

The accounting services included in Juice Books are designed to alleviate tax season headaches. Users can open up the Books to track income, pay contractors, and categorize expenses. A related tool is Creative Juice’s CPA Concierge, which pairs individuals with tax professionals who understand creators’ idiosyncratic business needs.

Online video professionals could consult with any old CPA, but Creative Juice is pitching its Books as a cost-effective option that is tailor-made to solve creators’ specific tax season snags. A press release from the company notes that creator businesses sometimes spend more than $3,000 per year on tax prep. Now, Juice Books offers a way to save time and money.


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In a statement, Creative Juice CEO and CO-Founder Sima Gandhi said that many of the creators she works with have identified taxes as a major pain point. Some creators, such as Kat Buno and Zhong, have already used Juice Books to get their finances in order.

“Juice is my go-to business banking account where I can separate my personal and business expenses, invoice brands and manage my tax needs,” Zhong said in a statement. “Juice keeps me organized allowing me to work with trustworthy tax experts that actually understand my creator business.”

Creative Juice is one of several fintech companies that have appealed to creators by replacing the skepticism of traditional banks with a forward-thinking approach to bookkeeping. Other Juice products that help creators organize their finances include its version of catalog licensing and its proprietary Juice Funds.

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