14-Year-Old ‘Fortnite’ Pro FaZe Ewok Returns To Twitch

By 08/13/2020
14-Year-Old ‘Fortnite’ Pro FaZe Ewok Returns To Twitch

Fourteen-year-old Fortnite pro FaZe Ewok has signed an exclusive livestreaming deal with Twitch, making her the second major streamer to return to the platform after Mixer’s shutdown.

Like Ninja and Shroud (the latter of whom also returned to Twitch this week), Ewok signed with Mixer last year, and was left adrift when Microsoft abruptly shuttered it in June. Prior to leaving Twitch, she’d had around 284,000 followers, and had attracted the attention of FaZe Clan, which signed her in July 2019 as their first female and first Deaf member.

“I decided to return to Twitch because the platform has a vast network, and I had already established a community there before switching over to mixer,” Ewok told ESPN. “It’s also the best platform for me to continue building my brand.”

She noted that she has missed Twitch Rivals, a catch-all name for various tournaments and esports competitions Twitch holds for numerous popular games, including Fortnite, Call of Duty, and Minecraft. Streamers can generally qualify for these competitions by racking up broadcasting hours and accomplishing in-game goals to prove their skills (get 20 kills in a single match, win 50 games, etc).

Ewok added that she doesn’t have hard feelings toward Mixer. “Mixer is a part of my journey that I will always cherish,” she said. “I learned from the community there, and they helped me grow as a streamer.”

Like Shroud and Ninja (who casually streamed on Twitch last week but hasn’t signed any kind of deal), Ewok tweeted a screenshot of the official statistics for her homecoming stream. Her nearly four-hour broadcast pulled in 681,014 unique viewers, with a peak of 30,979 concurrent watchers. It netted her 6,627 new followers, and 32 new channel subscriptions. She now has 293,000 followers.

Ewok recently signed with TalentX Gaming, a new management firm formed by TikTok manager TalentX and gaming conglomerate ReKTGlobal.