Karl Jacobs joins Misfits Gaming as Co-Owner

By 03/09/2023
Karl Jacobs joins Misfits Gaming as Co-Owner

Karl Jacobs (pictured above, left) is making a big move. The streamer and creator once known as GamerBoyKarl has come on board as a Co-Owner of the entertainment company Misfits Gaming.

The deal gives Jacobs an ownership stake in Misfits and a say in its day-to-day operations. Jacobs will serve as the organization’s Creative Director, and under his leadership, Misfits plans to greatly expand its slate of original content. In an email, the seven-year-old esports firm said that its fans can expect “rapid development” of “unique, jointly-owned IP” that will be shared “across a variety of channels.”

In a statement, Jacobs said that Misfits CEO and Founder Ben Spoont is giving him “freedom” to be both a content executive and a creator. “In accepting this new partnership, it was essential for me to have an ownership stake, so my contributions are both creatively fulfilling and invest me alongside the business’ success for the long-term,” Jacobs said. “With ownership I’m given the ability to help make crucial decisions to really put my voice and vision into the company and I’m super excited for the journey!”


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Jacobs is well-known for collaborations with prominent influencers like MrBeast and Dream, though he has also become a marketable creator in his own right. In his new role at Misfits, he’ll grow his own channel while also collaborating with the other names on the organization’s talent roster. The list of Misfits partners includes Tubbo and Ranboo.

Welcome to the Show

Some of the new intellectual property that will emerge from Jacobs’ Misfits gig will latch onto an emerging trend in the streaming world: Game shows. Offbrand and OTK are two of the companies putting a contemporary twist on a classic TV format. To add its own name to that list, Misfits is adding AustinShow (pictured above, right) as a creator and executive producer. The streamer leads the dating show Love or Host on Twitch.

AustinShow’s arrival at Misfits comes three days after he parted ways with another gaming organization, 100 Thieves. In a tweet, he said he had “no bad blood,” though he admitted that 100 Thieves was “not the right fit at this time.”

He’ll now have a chance to work alongside Jacobs and other Misfits creators as they develop new game shows. When Misfits launched a $20 million creator fund last year, it cited “television or streaming shows” as one category of content it planned to back.

Now, that content push is (partially) in Karl Jacobs hands. The 24-year-old creator is managed by Night.

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