MrBeast Burger’s first physical location broke the one-day record for the most burgers sold by a single store

By 09/06/2022
MrBeast Burger’s first physical location broke the one-day record for the most burgers sold by a single store

Jimmy Donaldson‘s recent swing through New Jersey turned out to be a legendary trip — even though the man known as MrBeast lost about $500,000 along the way.

After filming a $1 million game of hide-and-seek at the American Dream Mall, Donaldson returned to the North Jersey retail hub on September 4 for the grand opening of MrBeast Burger‘s first brick-and-mortar location. After thousands of his fans flooded the American Dream concourses, the new store managed to sell more burgers in a single day than any other restaurant.

Donaldson launched MrBeast Burger in December 2020, and the fast food concept became an instant hit. By operating out of “ghost kitchens,” MrBeast Burger was able to expand to dozens of markets and serve millions of customers within months of its first sale. Specialty menu items inspired by specific creators were also added to the menu.

The MrBeast video released on September 3 teased the next phase of the burger joint’s development. At the American Dream Mall, located in East Rutheford, NJ, Donaldson gathered 100 of his fans and gave each of them a $10,000 briefcase. A six-hour game of hide-and-seek ensued, and at the end of that period, any hiders who had not been found got to keep the money in their briefcases.

Then Donaldson dropped a bomb: The first physical MrBeast Burger location would have its grand opening one day after the hide-and-seek video arrived on YouTube.

Despite that limited forewarning, throngs of MrBeast fans made it to Jersey to celebrate MrBeast Burger’s first day as a real restaurant. By some estimates, thousands of people waited in a nine-hour line for a chance to meet Donaldson and eat one of his burgers.

In the midst of this Tri-State swing, one of Donaldson’s top lieutenants popped over to the Bronx. Karl Jacobs took in a game at Yankee Stadium and ended up on the home team’s Twitter feed.

It’s safe to say the MrBeast team is quite busy these days, but even after hosting the grandest of grand openings, Donaldson won’t slow down anytime soon. The current king of YouTube is also planning to add a new item to his candy line, Feastables. If a recent tweet is to be believed, that mystery product will be arriving soon on Walmart shelves.

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