Ludwig’s new company helps creators make “cool stuff.” He’ll start with a game show hosted by xQc.

By 09/27/2022
Ludwig’s new company helps creators make “cool stuff.” He’ll start with a game show hosted by xQc.

The man who brought Mogul Money to the world is now helping other creators produce game shows, events, branded series, and more. Ludwig Ahgren, who is known by the mononymous name Ludwig on platforms like YouTube, is one of the four founders of Offbrand, a creative studio that will help its partners bring “something special” to their viewers.

Offbrand is a collaboration between Ahgren and several big names from the streaming, esports, and advertising worlds. Nick Allen, who serves as the President and COO of Ahgren’s Mogul Moves brand, is on board with Offbrand as well. So too is Nathan Stanz, a creator who has worked in the esports industry. Brandon Ewing, a marketing operative with experience at Twitch and Nvidia, rounds out Offbrand’s founding foursome.


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These four individuals are on a mission to deliver the sort of content that helped Ahgren become one of the most famous streamers in the world. When he’s not chatting with his fans, the 27-year-old creator occasionally uses his channel for large, produced events. Mogul Money, a game show with a similar format to Jeopardy, went all the way from Ahgren’s stream to the YouTube Theater.

Offbrand’s first project will feature one of the most-subscribed streamers in the world: Felix Lengyel, better known online as xQc. On September 30, Lengyel’s Twitch channel will host the premiere episode of Juiced, which Legyel developed alongside the Offbrand team. Like Mogul MoneyJuiced is inspired by old game shows. In this case, the goal is to revive the zaniness of “hit, youth game shows from the 90s,” according to a press release from Offbrand. I’m guessing an Olmec head will not be included.

This is not the first time Ahgren has launched a business venture that caters to creators. Earlier this year, he announced Truffle, an extension designed to serve streamers who want to “do cool shit.”

With Offbrand, Ahgren is appealing to a similar sensibility. “At the end of the day I love making cool stuff that really connects with fans,” he said in a statement. “By starting Offbrand, I’m able to bring that passion and expertise to a broader audience and to other creators who want to also do cool stuff but haven’t had the time, resources, or infrastructure.”

The founding team behind the new agency definitely knows how to build. Allen previously served as the COO of Loaded; in that role, he helped the talent management firm increase the size and scope of its operation. Ewing, meanwhile, earned some impressive credits during his time at Twitch. He was one of the execs responsible for launching the inaugural TwitchCon, which took place in 2015.

While Ahgren gets Offbrand off the ground, he will continue to deliver videos to his expectant audience. He currently has about 3.5 million subscribers on YouTube.

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