Dr DisRespect’s Gaming Studio Will Partner With Content Creators To Develop Their Dream Titles

By 08/13/2021
Dr DisRespect’s Gaming Studio Will Partner With Content Creators To Develop Their Dream Titles

Dr DisRespect is dipping his toes in the development side of gaming.

According to a job posting on his official website, the Twitch-turned-YouTube streamer intends on “taking the gaming industry by storm and incubating a new AA/AAA gaming studio that has a unique twist to it.”

That twist? Content creators’ ideas will apparently be the driving force behind the majority (or possibly all) of the games the studio produces.


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“The studio plans to forge a partnership with a select list of mega influencers and then work closely with them to launch their dream gaming title,” the posting says. “Those gaming titles will either be incubated and developer OR partner/co develop [sic] with existing indie game developers and launched as mega titles.”

Dr DisRespect, of course, has a not insignificant amount of experience from the influencer side. He streamed on Twitch from 2010 to 2020, assembling himself a tidy audience of 4.4 million followers in the process. Then, in June 2020, Twitch abruptly permabanned him–just two months after signing an exclusive, multiyear, potentially multimillion-dollar deal to keep him there.

Twitch has not and likely never will reveal the reason for his ban, due to a longstanding and frankly baffling policy (which is finally being changed). But it is worth noting that Dr DisRespect wasn’t without controversy before his ban. Twitch temporarily banned his channel in 2019 after he livestreamed from the bathroom of E3, and he also sparked backlash in May 2020 after spreading conspiracies about the coronavirus (namely that lockdowns aren’t effective, that herd immunity is the way to go, and that there’s some wonky stuff happening with COVID and 5G, none of which is true).

Dr DisRespect switched to streaming on YouTube in August 2020, and since has grown his channel there to 3.45 million subscribers.

Per the posting, he anticipates creating a AA or AAA studio that’ll make games for distribution on both console and PC. AA studios are midsize indie companies that often have some financial backing or other infrastructure support from a larger entity in the gaming industry, and AAA studios are full-size, major publishers.

Whatever size the studio ends up being, it’ll be built in partnership with BoomTV, the esports event organization platform Dr DisRespect has worked with for years.

The posting also notes that Beahm intends to put together a “proven world-class and well-funded team” that’ll make games in a “fast-paced environment” emphasizing “integrated esports and influencer marketing.”

Beahm has not yet publicly commented on plans for the studio.

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