An Indian creator with 30 million YouTube subscribers is becoming a playable video game character

SuperGaming is putting Ujjwal Chaurasia into one of its upcoming titles. The game developer, which operates out of Singapore, India, and the United Arab Emirates, will turn Chaurasia — better known by his YouTube handle Techno Gamerz — into a playable character.

Chaurasia is one of the most familiar faces within India’s gaming community. His Techno Gamerz channel reaches more than 30 million subscribers, and it has received nearly 9 billion lifetime views to date. Emboldened by his success as a gaming creator, Chaurasia has been able to branch out, uploading everything from music videos to tech reviews.

To harness Chaurasia’s star power, SuperGaming will include him as a character in a currently-untitled game. The YouTube star appeared on the developer’s channel to confirm his role in the upcoming title.

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Chaurasia’s involvement in the game will not be limited to his pixelated likeness. He will provide insights and feedback to SuperGaming during the development process. In that sense, the partnership resembles a recent pact that established streamers Shroud and Sacriel

as co-creators of an upcoming survival game from the studio Splash Damage.

Celebrity-driven partnerships have become the norm for SuperGaming. The developer has used creator-led in-person events to build hype for previous releases like Mask Gun and SillyRoyale. It even teamed up with a member of India’s Olympic pistol team to create a new character for a shooter game. Those initiatives have helped SuperGaming rack up more than 300 million players across all of its titles.

“When SuperGaming approached me with the idea of featuring me in its soon-to-be-revealed game, I was genuinely surprised with the team’s passion and expertise,” Chaurasia said in a statement. “I believe that the future of gaming is creator-driven and community-first and this is a step in building that future. The team is on the same wavelength as me and I can’t wait to tell you more in the days to come.”

More details about Chaurasia’s partnership with SuperGaming will be revealed “in the weeks to come.”

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