Fiverr publishes 10-step guide to the $100 billion creator economy

Fiverr‘s new publication is designed to help aspiring entrepreneurs “handle the ups and downs of the creator economy.” The online marketplace for freelance services has shared a ten-step Creator Economy Guide that includes testimonies from influencers, small business owners, and platform executives.

The Creator Economy guide is available through the Fiverr website. The company claims that aspiring entrepreneurs who follow the steps in the guide will be able to scale their businesses while harnessing the power of influencer marketing. Fiverr, citing a Forbes article, defines the creator economy as a $100 billion industry that encompasses 50 million people.

Not everyone can get the most out of that revenue opportunity, but Fiverr supports its report by sharing “stories, insights & tips from established influencers across the globe.” In tandem with agency partner Tailify, Fiverr surveyed a varied range of digital tastemakers. That group includes creators like Gunnar Deatherage, businesspeople like Elizabeth Hidalgo of Rise Digital Marketing Agency, and platform operatives like Jon Youshaei, who has worked for both YouTube and Instagram.

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“I got lucky to work at both YouTube and Instagram during a time when millions more

people became curious about these platforms and how they were disrupting traditional media,” Youshaei said in the report. “I spent time with both creators on the outside and our engineers on the inside. Doing that for eight years, I walked away with insights and relationships that ultimately enriched my knowledge and respect.”

Unsurprisingly, Fiverr advises entrepreneurs that they can get the most out of the creator economy by teaming up with gig workers. The company describes itself as the “go-to for high-quality, talented freelancers,” and several of the ten steps in the Creator Economy Report advise readers to collaborate with external contractors. “I’m personally not of the generation that is handy with computers, so anything related to graphic design or print design is hard for me,” Deatherage said. “I can see what I want in my head, but transferring that to a digital space is not my forté.”

The Creator Economy Report is not Fiverr’s first attempt to work alongside the creator community. It has previously partnered with influencers on platforms like YouTube to launch contests on its platform.

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