Snapchat wants to see your #UglySweaters, #ChristmasDecor, and more. $125,000 is up for grabs.

In October, Snapchat awarded $100,000 through its Spotlight Challenges. Two months later, the app is upping its ante. During December, the prizes from Snapchat’s Challenges will collectively total $125,000.

The six-digit sum will be meted out across 16 different Challenges, which will cover all sorts of topics from the holiday season. The first wave of contests includes a chance for users to show off their #ChristmasDecor and an opportunity to share some time-saving #HolidayHacks. As the month goes on, Spotlight users will be prompted to demonstrate the dishes (#GingerbreadHouse#CharcuterieBoard), gifts (#WhiteElephant#UglySweaters), and traditions (#BestHolidaySpot, #MyHolidayMovie) that define their festive celebrations.

Between three and four Challenges will be active on Spotlight each week of December. Snapchat’s TikTok competitor has become a key revenue stream for some of the platforms top creators; Spotlight paid out $250 million during its first year. The full monthly slate of Spotlight Challenges can be found on the Snapchat app.

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Snapchat has shifted the distribution of its Spotlight Challenges since it first announced the short-form video initiatives

last year. One Christmas ago, the app recruited Mariah Carey to launch a single, $100,000 Challenge. That contest solicited riffs on the diva’s Yuletide classic, ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You.’ This holiday season, Snap is opting for a more divided approach, with many more Challenges but less prize money per Challenge.

As the calendar turns over into 2023, Spotlight users will find additional Challenges to which they can submit videos. As has become par for the course, those competitions will ask entrants to utilize specific Snapchat features and products. #NewYearsTransition will employ Snap Tools to create literal transitions into 2023, while #TravelRecap will pair 2022 vacations with Snapchat’s “Deep Green” Sound.

If you spend a lot of time on Snapchat, these prompts may have given you a spark. You can participate in the December Spotlight Challenges through this link.

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