Latest Drop From Creator-Focused Startup ‘Stir’ Will Help Nascent Vlogger Airrack Reach 1 Million Subs

By 12/22/2020
Latest Drop From Creator-Focused Startup ‘Stir’ Will Help Nascent Vlogger Airrack Reach 1 Million Subs

Beyond its flagship product — a platform enabling digital creators to manage various revenue streams and share funds with collaborators — the startup Stir has launched a number of savvy product experiments, called ‘drops’, to fill various niches across the creator sector.

MerchWith, for instance, blindly paired creators to collaborate on custom face mask designs, while OnlyTweets enabled creators to offer exclusive Twitter content for a monthly subscription fee. In July, with TikTok’s future uncertain, the company dropped FYP.RIP, enabling TikTokers to archive all of their old content.

Stir’s latest release, however, squarely targets one creator, the nascent vlogger Airrack, who is best known for his vlog, challenge, and prank content — having amassed roughly 880,000 subscribers since launching his channel last July. But Airrack, whose real name is Eric Decker, has his heart set on 1 million subscribers — and that’s where Stir comes in.


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Decker, who utilizes Stir’s aforementioned collaborative tools, alerted the company last week week that he planned to strand himself on a deserted island until he reached his 1 million subscriber goal, Stir co-founder Kushal Byatnal shared on Twitter. And so, in a bid to aid him in this quest, the company on Saturday launched a dedicated website called Save Airrack. The site, which is aiming to rescue Decker from the island by helping him reach his sub goal, comes complete with tracker of Decker’s subscriber count in real-time, as well as a referral system to help drive new fans.

Stir’s other co-founder, Joseph Albanesenotes that because the YouTube API only returns round subscriber figures, the team built a scraper that plugs directly into Decker’s YouTube account for a precise countdown. And the referral program incentives fans to get their contacts to subscribe to Decker using a proprietary link. Participants who drive subscriptions are eligible to win prizes — ranging from a handwritten ‘Thank you’ letter from Decker to a collab video on his channel and the ability to choose his next tattoo.

After launching the Save Airrack website on Dec. 19, Decker had gained 60,000 subs by the end-of-day yesterday, Albanese said. He is currently standing tall at 882,000 subs — and counting.

You can check visit Stir’s Save Airrack website right here, and check out the latest installment in Decker’s abandoned island YouTube series below:

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