Karl Jacobs gets his kicks with Dream SMP-inspired Vans at Journeys

By 07/21/2023
Karl Jacobs gets his kicks with Dream SMP-inspired Vans at Journeys

Dream SMP hosted its final stream earlier this year, but Karl Jacobs is betting that merch based on the legendary Minecraft server is still in high demand. Jacobs has extended his partnership with retailer Journeys by debuting Vans sneakers inspired by his latest comic book.

Jacobs’ latest apparel line includes two different shoes. The creator’s fans can pick up his unique designs by purchasing the Old Skool and Classic Slip-On Vans varieties. By depicting clock faces and miniature versions of Jacobs, the shoes reference Time Traveler Tales, an upcoming comic book that draws from Jacobs’ Dream SMP experiences. The 25-year-old multiplatform star announced his partnership with Time Traveler Tales publisher Dark Horse Comics last August.

Thanks to his membership in the Dream SMP crew and his regular appearances in MrBeast videos, Jacobs has emerged as one of the more marketable figures in the online video world. His pact with Journeys began last year, when the nationwide retailer named him as its Creative Ambassador.


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To begin his Journeys partnership, Jacobs harnessed his gaming cred to help the brand develop content strategies and digital marketing initiatives. As the partnership progresses, Jacobs has found ways to promote his personal brand while also continuing with his Creative Ambassador role.

“I have had such an incredible time working with Journeys over the past year and I can’t think of a better partner to launch my new product line with Vans,” Jacobs said in a statement. “This line not only combines my love of comics, gaming, and fashion, but it also allows me to collaborate with two of my favorite brands since childhood. I think we’ve developed something really special and it is a dream come true that I am able to share this moment with my fans!”

In addition to his gig with Journeys, Jacobs has secured several other roles at the intersection of gaming and merchandise. He recently accepted a Co-Owner position at Misfits Gaming, where he will work with other top streamers to develop “unique, jointly-owned IP.”

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