MrBeast’s Feastables brand launches Karl Jacobs gummies that are out of this world

By 04/27/2023
MrBeast’s Feastables brand launches Karl Jacobs gummies that are out of this world

As he expands his Feastables brand beyond candy bars, Jimmy Donaldson is working with one of his long-time collaborators. The man known as MrBeast has introduced Karl’s Gummies, a sweet treat that features Karl Jacobs‘ face on its packaging.

Donaldson and Jacobs introduced Karl’s Gummies in early April, when the duo starred in an out-of-this-world video for Feastables’ social accounts. Jacobs, dressed as an astronaut, creates an interstellar, apple-flavored explosion. He ends up marooned, but he at least gets a tasty treat to snack on while he floats through space.



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The gummies were initially available through the Feastables website before making their way to Walmart shelves across the country. As MrBeast fans have gotten their hands on the latest Feastables product, they’ve offered their reviews across social media. Two Walmart employees gave the gummies positive marks — though they conceded that the green apple flavor could’ve been more sour.

Like other Feastables products, Karl’s Gummies are made with high-quality ingredients that don’t include common allergens. The chewy candies are plant-based and include only five grams of sugar per serving.

Karl’s Gummies join the expanding suite of Feastables products, many of which are themed around individual creators. A cookies-and-creme bar inspired by Among Us legend Corpse Husband arrived just in time for last year’s Halloween celebrations. Then, during Super Bowl season, MrBeast gave his fans the chance to taste Deez Nutz. All the while, Walmart has served as a steady distribution partner for the most-subscribed YouTube creator in the world.

Jacobs, who is often seen alongside Donaldson in MrBeast videos, has taken advantage of numerous branding opportunities provided by his longtime friend. Jacobs’ name can also be found on the menu for MrBeast Burger, where the “Karl’s Deluxe” is a patty melt topped with onions and an inverted bun.

When he’s not hanging with MrBeast, Jacobs stays busy. In his new role as Co-Owner of Misfits Gaming, he has worked alongside Roblox and Minecraft stars to create virtual worlds. If you want to pick up the latest addition to the Karl Jacobs universe, you’ll have to head to the nearest Walmart — or the Feastables website.

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