Feastables are now on shelves in every 7-11 and Speedway

Before today, if you wanted to get your hands on Feastables (or just straighten its store displays…) you’d probably have the best luck finding them at Walmart.

But now MrBeast has secured two more major distribution partners for his snack brand: 7-11 and Speedway.

“Feastables is now available in EVERY 7-Eleven and Speedway in America!” he announced in an Instagram post.

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Feastables’ current lineup includes its flagship chocolate bars (Milk Chocolate, Milk Crunch, and peanut butter-stuffed Deez Nuts), plus chocolate chip cookies and its newest product, Karl’s Gummies. The brand hasn’t released official revenue figures, but it reportedly made $10 million in four months after launching in January 2022.

Sales were driven in part by big-ticket giveaways–and Feastables is repeating that strat with the 7-11 and Speedway expansion.

For the next seven days, anyone who buys a Feastables product (from any location, not just 7-11/Speedway) can enter to win a Lamborghini from MrBeast. Each product (with uploaded receipt) counts for one entry, but people can get an additional six entries by buying Feastables using 7-11 or Speedway’s rewards programs.

The lucky Lambo winner will be announced June 30.

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