The Sidemen are growing fast. A “multi-million-pound deal” will help them keep it up.

By 05/03/2023
The Sidemen are growing fast. A “multi-million-pound deal” will help them keep it up.

The Sidemen have secured the funding they need to continue their international expansion. The London-based septet has inked a deal with U.K. firm Viewture, which will provide upfront financing in exchange for future advertising rights on Sidemen videos.

The deal is described as a “multi-million-pound” agreement that will supply the Sidemen with the capital their busy slate requires. KSIMiniminterZerkaaTBJZLBehzingaVikkstar123, and Wroetoshaw have launched a fried chicken business, sponsored a local soccer club, and established a “ghost hotel,” all while maintaining their commitment to their fans. They continue to release a new YouTube video every Sunday for their 18.4 million subscribers.

Viewture, which has forged relationships with influencers over the past two years, funds creators through a forward-thinking model. Crudely put, its deals are similar to the catalog licensing pacts offered by companies like Spotter and Jellysmack. In addition to licensing old videos, the firm also acquires rights for future videos (which can be produced thanks to the monetary support Viewture provides). For the Sidemen deal, the Viewture funding will be paid out in a single lump sum.


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“We firmly believe Sidemen are the biggest British cultural export of this generation. This deal with Viewture is great for the boys and hopefully good news for Viewture,” said Sidemen Manager Aaron O’Neill in a statement. “We’re very happy to sign up with another UK company with a similar forward-looking vision for the future. This deal with Viewture allows the boys the funds to re-invest in their channel and take on some of the many exciting projects we have planned.”

Viewture CEO David Page also praised the Sidemen, describing the seven creators as “the biggest box office talent on YouTube right now.” That statement is backed up by the group’s recent accomplishments, which have thrust several of its members into the public spotlight. KSI has made headlines for his Prime partnership with Logan Paul, while TBJZL earned a trial with a professional soccer club. The Sidemen’s footballing exploits have also included multiple charity matches, with the most recent one taking in more than £1 million for charity.

Thanks to their latest deal, the Sidemen will be able to sustain their big investment in their shared career. The seven Brits have bright futures, and Viewture is ready to bet on their continued success.

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