You’ve heard of ghost kitchens. Get ready for a “ghost hotel” courtesy of the Sidemen.

By 10/10/2022
You’ve heard of ghost kitchens. Get ready for a “ghost hotel” courtesy of the Sidemen.

The Sidemen can’t be stopped. The U.K.-based YouTube supergroup recently raised £1 million with their latest charity soccer match and advertised their fried chicken business on the jerseys of a professional club. Now, the Sidemen have announced their plan to open a themed hotel in the summer of 2023.

The Sidemen hotel is the result of a partnership between the group’s management team, Arcade Media, and Ghsthotels. The latter company is a startup that plans to launch hotels inspired by entrepreneurs, creators, and personalities. The seven creators who make up the Sidemen — KSIMiniminterZerkaaTBJZLBehzingaVikkstar123, and Wroetoshaw — are among the first influencers to partner with the brand-new firm. They will also invest in Ghsthotels by participating in its first funding round.

Ghsthotels’ name references the trend of “ghost kitchens,” which popped up during the COVID-19 pandemic to serve grub out of inoperative restaurants. Many of the dining concepts that adopted this model were launched by creators, and the Sidemen got in on the trend by establishing Sides, a food brand known for its fried chicken.


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“The entrepreneurial success of Sidemen with Sides, Sides+ XIX Vodka and other ventures has been inspiring to follow,” said Ghsthotels Co-Founder Idel Judanin in a statement. “Just like Ghost kitchens have changed the food and restaurant industry forever, we believe that Ghost Hotels will have an even bigger impact on the hotel and travel industry.”

So how will the Sidemen hotel change hospitality forever? That question will be answered inside of the establishment, where welcome messages will be personalized, technological advancements will be utilized, and rooms will be designed with “trademark Sidemen touches” in mind. The septet often travels the world as its members film videos with one another. In a recent edition of “Sidemen Sunday,” the group roamed across Europe to explore both cheap and expensive hotels.

These globetrotting videos speak to the ethos of Gen Z. As the zoomers grow up and obtain more disposable income, they are showing a strong interest in travel. A recent study reported that 72% of Gen Z respondents plan to spend more on travel than they did before the COVID-19 pandemic. That was the highest percentage among all surveyed generations. The Sidemen hotel figures to soak up a lot of that spending once it opens in the U.K. in 2023.

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