Ludwig joins Moist Cr1TiKaL’s esports organization as co-owner

Two of the top streamers on the internet are coming together under a single banner. YouTube star Ludwig Ahgren has become the co-owner of Moist Esports, the gaming organization founded by multiplatform standout Charlie ‘Cr1TiKaL’ White.

The transaction is described as a deal between Moist Esports and Ahgren’s Mogul Moves banner. The two streamers will team up to bring a creator-driven approach to esports. Ahgren plans to name and operate some teams of his own alongside the roster White has already constructed.

Ahgren announced the move in a video on his Mogul Mail channel. White shows up halfway through the video to brag about the Rocket League and Super Smash Bros trophies Moist Esports has won. A cut-down version of the clip also made its way to the official Moist Esports Twitter account


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The Mogul Mail video begins with Ahgren claiming that “esports is dying,” which is an interesting take for someone who just became the owner of an esports organization. Despite his pessimism, the 27-year-old creator is taking a role at Moist Esports because he has faith in the firm’s founder. “I believe in Charlie,” he said. Also, as White notes in the video, Ahgren has plenty of cash to burn thanks to the blockbuster deal that brought him to YouTube in the first place.

Even as layoffs hit 100 Thieves and FaZe Clan’s stock price sinks, Ahgren has a plan to build Moist Esports into something great. He sees three distinct advantages for creator-driven gaming orgs: They can bundle creators and teams together for sponsors, they can save money on marketing by relying on in-house promotion, and they can treat esports rosters as “speculative assets” if they need an “exit strategy” ahead of a pivot to content creation.

Ahgren has been critical of creator-led gaming outfits in the past, but he is bullish on Moist Esports’ potential. Less than two years after its founding, White’s organization competes across five different games. Across those teams, the company works with about a dozen different players.

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