Top 5 Branded Videos of the Week: MrBeast balances self-promotion with philanthropy

By 11/13/2023
Top 5 Branded Videos of the Week: MrBeast balances self-promotion with philanthropy

Welcome to our rundown of the most-watched branded YouTube videos of the week.

We’re publishing this snippet of a larger Gospel Stats Weekly Brand Report in order to analyze sponsorship trends in the creator economy. Any video launched in tandem with an official brand partner is eligible for the ranking.

And – as the name up above would imply – all the data comes from Gospel Stats. If you’re interested in learning more about Gospel – and which brands are sponsoring what creators on YouTube – click here.


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The Gospel Stats Weekly Brand Report is rolling on! As October turned into November, creators rolled up the view counts on sponsored videos.

In the YouTube community, creator products remain a hot trend among brand sponsors. Here are some of examples of that strategy:

#1 I Built 100 Wells in Africa
Channel: MrBeast
Brand: Beast Philanthropy

MrBeast‘s recent visit to Africa turned out to be a contentious stay. The creator made a difference by building 100 wells in communities that need access to clean water. Some of his haters, however, have argued that his good-natured deed is little more than a bit of self-promotion. The hubbub swirling around the video has helped drive a huge audience to it. In its first week of activity, it got six times as many views as the next-most watched sponsored video uploaded during the same period. That’s good news for Jimmy Donaldson and his Beast Philanthropy firm, which sponsored the video. No matter what his haters may say, he’s done a fair bit of good with his charitable efforts.

#2 Candy Thieves vs Rigged Candy Bowl
Channel: Mark Rober
Brand: Crunchlabs

Mark Rober is answering MrBeast’s benevolence with his own bit of prankishness — but he still maintains a strong moral underpinning as he engineers his practical jokes. To celebrate Halloween, Rober set up a bobby-trapped candy bowl. His latest creation targeted thieves who take more than their share while trick-or-treating. As he does with many of his high-profile YouTube videos, Rober installed his own brand as the sponsor. His Crunchlabs boxes fuel creativity among young scientists so that they can one day wreak havoc on their own Halloween festivities.

#3 Making bulletproof wood
Channel: NileRed
Brand: Brilliant

Brilliant is back in our Top 5 Sponsored Videos ranking with another piece of branded content meant to stimulate your brain. The course platform has been active on YouTube, where it has promoted nerdy channels like Stuff Made Here. Its goal is to find sharp-minded viewers who will want to spend more of their free time learning skills and subjects. NileRed, who uses his channel to capture “the natural beauty of chemistry,” is the perfect fit for Brilliant’s mission. I’m not sure what the use of his bulletproof wood is, but I hope I never have to find out.

#4 Zombie Airsoft Battle
Channel: Dude Perfect
Brand: Epic Games

Dude Perfect has become a regular presence in our Top 5 Sponsored Video rankings. The sports-tinged content group has established itself as branded video gold for its partners. The Texas-based collective brought Epic Games on board for an epic Airsoft battle that pitted the Dude Perfect guys against a horde of “zombies” (who are really dressed as Minecraft creepers, but whatever). This video isn’t just a hit with Dude Perfect fans and a branding success for Epic Games — it also looks like it was a ton of fun to produce.

BONUS: #1,502 finally enjoying the life I’ve been missing | weekly vlog
Channel: Maya Galore
Brand: NordicTrack

There’s a glut of high-tech fitness machines, and they’re all battling for attention through YouTube sponsorships. Peloton has established a strong presence in the online video world, but NordicTrack is gaining ground. It is showing support for the power of movement by backing creators who like to hit the town. Maya Galore‘s vlog video featuring her jaunt through the “outside world” is NordicTrack’s latest sponsorship opportunity. Viewers can hit up a link in the description if they want to get a good deal on their new NordicTrack machine.

…and there’s a lot more data where that came from. If you’re interested in learning more about Gospel – and which brands are sponsoring what creators on YouTube – click here.

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