Dhar Mann universe expands with new series, upcoming feature film

Dhar Mann has launched a new series, and he’s getting ready for a move to the big screen. The entrepreneurial creator, whose moralistic videos have received 11 billion life views on YouTube, is developing new IP based around popular characters Jay and Mikey.

Jay (portrayed by Shaun Dixon) and Mikey (Kaido Lee Roberts) are a pair of middle school troublemakers who occasionally appear together in Dhar Mann videos. In their typical videos, they attempt to concoct mischievous schemes before ultimately receiving the justice they (karmically) deserve.

Despite their knack for bad behavior, Jay and Mikey have become two of the most popular characters in the Dhar Mann universe. When they had a long absence from the channel, fans signed a petition in hopes of bringing them back.

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As it turned out, Jay and Mikey’s status as a Dhar Mann duo was far from over. A recent short-form upload told viewers “what happened to Mikey.” A day later, on June 8, Mann dropped a trailer for a new Jay and Mikey series, which premiered the same day. The first episode begins in a typical locale for the titular characters — the basketball court — before transitioning to a scholastic setting.

New episodes of the Jay and Mikey web series will arrive on Thursdays. The web-based program won’t be the last we see of this particular tandem. Dhar Mann Studios is planning to produce a feature film starring Dixon and Roberts. The flick is slated for an end-of-year premiere, with nationwide distribution planned. The plot will revolve around Jay’s enrollment in an evil military school and Mikey’s attempt to free his buddy.

Since breaking out on platforms like YouTube and Facebook, Mann has worked quickly to expand the size of his moralistic universe. He has put together live events and holiday specials that feature recurring actors from his expansive cast. His channel’s growth has come with some speed bumps, but Mann is still looking to the feature. He’s betting on the popularity of Jay and Mikey, and based on the response of his fans, he’s made an apt choice.

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