Minecraft stars say goodbye to Dream SMP server in emotional farewell stream

Minecraft server that vaulted its members to international stardom has come to an end. On April 10, creators like Dream, TommyInnit, and Tubbo gathered for the final stream in the influential history of Dream SMP.

Dream SMP began in 2020 and launched numerous careers over its three-year run. Server founders Dream and GeorgeNotFound now rank among the most popular gamers on the internet, with 31.5 million and 10 million YouTube subscribers, respectively.

During the first years of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Dream SMP proved itself to be both a beloved entertainment hub for quarantined viewers and a groundbreaking experiment in the genre of video game storytelling. But as Dream and co. took advantage of the opportunities their newfound fame presented, they struggled to find time to get together for streams. Several Dream SMP participants have launched a comedy group called The Sorry Boys, Karl Jacobs has taken an ownership role at Misfits Gaming, and both Ranboo and Tubbo have linked up with Misfits as well.

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Dream plans to keep playing Minecraft on a new server called the United SMP. The forward-thinking project will feature 60 creators from around the world, who will be able to speak to each other thanks to a live translation tool.

So Dream will continue to do ambitious Minecraft things (including a new United server with 60 creators from around the globe and real-time automatic speech-to-text language translation), but as explained in a recent video, he and his Dream SMP chums lost the motivation they needed to continue their cooperative experience.

“[The end of Dream SMP] was my fault, but the reason it got to that point is because nobody was as motivated, nobody was as into it,” Dream said. “Everyone got busy and everyone had in-real-life stuff.”

The end of the Dream SMP may have been inevitable, but that didn’t stop its members from logging on for one last ride. In their April 10 stream, the server participants ended their shared Minecraft run in the only way that made sense. They took a portal to the Nether and took down the Ender Dragon in six minutes.

Aside from battling Minecraft‘s biggest boss, there was one other task the Dream SMP members had to accomplish: They had to say a final goodbye to the player who didn’t make it to the server’s finale. Technoblade died of cancer last year, but his house in the Dream SMP still stands. Before logging off the server for the last time, TommyInnit paid an emotional visit to Technoblade’s one-time home.

As the end of the stream approached, emotions ran high among the Dream SMP participants. But even if the end of the server brings some tears, these creators will be able to look back on their experience and say that they redefined what’s possible in the world of Minecraft. Like TommyInnit, all the fans can say is “thank you for everything.” Its time for Dream and co. to move on to new ventures, and we definitely haven’t seen the last of them.

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