Dream is headed to VidCon

Dream is showing his face at this year’s VidCon.

The Minecraft YouTuber has been confirmed as a Featured Creator for VidCon’s flagship convention, taking place June 21-24 in Anaheim, Calif.

For those unaware, Dream spent years as a “faceless” creator who kept his visage hidden behind a smiley face mask and notoriously did not do meatspace meet-ups with fans. (His Minecraft server, Dream SMP, actually had a much-hyped panel at VidCon 2022, but Dream wasn’t among the 13 members who attended.) He unmasked himself in October 2022, and VidCon 2023 will be his biggest public appearance since that reveal.

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Being a Featured Creator at VidCon generally means being involved in things like fan meet-and-greets, photo ops, and panels. Dream didn’t specify exactly what he’ll be up to, but told Dexerto he has some “cool stuff” in mind.

“We’re still mostly in the planning stages for that,” he said.

He did confirm VidCon will have some sort of exclusive Dream merch, along with some “cool, creative Dream and Dream Team related stuff there for fans to check out and take pictures with.”

He also told Dexerto that he’s focused on returning to content creation after taking a post-face-reveal hiatus. On that front, he hopes to do more “IRL,” non-Minecraft content, possibly on a different channel, now that people know what he looks like.

“In terms of my main channel and the videos I post, I don’t plan on posting too much IRL stuff,” he said. “It’s mostly still gonna be just Minecraft, and not even facecam or anything. But I will be able to incorporate myself into my videos more hopefully in the future with videos that are gaming and Minecraft and real life.”

He added that the “biggest difference” since revealing his face is “being able to do stuff like go to VidCon. I can actually meet fans and do stuff in real life I couldn’t before.”

You can see VidCon’s complete roster of Featured Creators here, and check out tickets for the event here.

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