This Valentine’s Day, Snapchat is paying creators for their bad date horror stories

Snapchat‘s holiday-themed Spotlight Challenges are back, and this time, it’s all about Valentine’s Day.

Last month, the platform shelled out a whopping $125,000 to creators who submitted videos for its winter holiday challenges. The Valentine’s Day prize pool is a bit slimmer—$40,000—but top creators in various categories will win between $2,500 and $5,000 each for their Spotlight submissions.

The new challenges start rolling out today, Jan. 27, and they start with a bang: Creators who submit videos about their #WorstDateEver between now and Feb. 2 will have a chance to win $2,500 (first place), $1,500 (second), and $1,000 (third).

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Next up is a little bit of a lovey-dovier prompt: #MyRomCom runs from Jan. 30 to Feb. 5, and requires that creators “Direct and star in #MyRomCom using ‘Everybody Breaks Up‘ as the soundtrack!” according to Snapchat’s official description. It offers a first place prize of $5,000, with $3,000 for the runner-up and $2,000 for third place.

#DressLikeYourType runs from Jan. 31 to Feb. 6, and asks creators to “Show us the style of who you’re attracted to and how you would #DressLikeYourType!” with prizes of $2,500, $1,500, and $1,000.

Snapchat’s also playing matchmaker. Its Feb. 2 through Feb. 8 challenge is #ShootYourShot, where creators have to film a video asking out their crush. It too offers $2,500, $1,500, and $1,000 prizes.

For those already matched up for the big day, there’s #DualCameraDate, running from Feb. 2 through Feb. 8, where a couple must use Snapchat’s dual camera mode to film both their perspectives while they’re out on a date. It offers the $2,500/$1,500/$1,000 prize structure for top submissions.

And last but certainly not least, for those going solo, there’s #SinglesAwarenessDay, running from Feb. 10-15. That one’s a vague prompt—”Show and tell us how you celebrate #SinglesAwarenessDay”–and offers $2,500/$1,500/$1,000 prizes.

Creators interested in submitting videos for the challenges can go to the Spotlight section of the Snapchat app and either send in a premade video or film one on the fly.

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