On The Podcast: Gamers and Bidets

By 11/03/2022
On The Podcast: Gamers and Bidets
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Ludwig Ahgren is an incredibly popular streamer. He’s been exclusive to YouTube since December 2021 and is currently pulling in anywhere from 25 to 50 million views a month and over a million views per video on his VOD content. In terms of streaming, the latest stats I could easily find are from May 2022 and put his average concurrent viewers anywhere from 15K to 25K with peaks bumping all the way up to 87K. Those numbers regularly put him in the Top 10 for streamers with the Most Hours Watched on YouTube. The guy’s also got 1.6 million followers on TikTok, 1.5 million followers on Twitter, 636K on Instagram, and a subreddit with 171K members.


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So we’re all now clear on Ahgren’s popularity. What I’m not so sure about are the demographics of his audience. But, given the gaming nature of his content and where he lives, I’d say it’s majority male, vast majority between the ages of 13 to 28, and vast majority from the United States.

Here’s a Venn diagram I made with what I believe is the overlap between Ahgren’s audience and the people in the world who you think would know about bidets.

And that overlap (it’s exaggerated, I know, but maybe not by much), is why I love this recent announcement.

Ahgren launched a company called Swipe. And it’s probably already sold hundreds or thousands of bidets to a group of people who most likely have never used one before or didn’t even know what one was prior to this announcement or when Ahgren started talking to his chat about bidets two years ago.

It’s a simple premise, but I’ve never really seen it executed before.

Usually you see creators create products that 1) objectively already have a market fit with their audience, its interests, and demographics (e.g. backpacks, screwdrivers, coloring books, etc.)  or 2) have some kind of mass appeal (e.g. energy drinks, burgers, treats). Those products can be totally great, incredibly successful, and very lucrative. But I just haven’t witnessed creators take a niche product that appeals to a particular cohort or demographic and then introduce that product to their seemingly very different audience (e.g. gamers and bidets).

What’s next? No idea. But I can assure you savvy creators are trying to figure it out. Ahgren’s opened their eyes to a whole new world of potential.

I get into this and a lot of other stuff in the latest episode of Creator Upload. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts or whenever you listen. You’re gonna dig it.

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