Ludwig’s latest product is “the greatest bidet ever crafted by man.”

By 10/17/2022
Ludwig’s latest product is “the greatest bidet ever crafted by man.”

Ludwig Ahgren is famous as one of the top streamers in the online video community, but his latest product offers a different type of stream: A jet of water. Ahgren has launched a company called Swipe, which is selling two different types of bidets.

Swipe offers its customers two different methods for cleaning up in the bathroom. The brand’s cheaper option is a $50 device that can be attached to any conventional toilet. The bidet’s description promises “easy DIY installation,” though some customers may need a helping hand.

If you’re a true bidet fan who is really looking to ball out, you can update to the Swipe+, which retails for $500. That model is essentially a brand new toilet, and it comes with all the premium features: It has a remote-controlled wash, a warm air dryer, two different rim shapes to choose from, and much more.


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Ahgren announced the launch of Swipe on Twitter. He explained that his bidet brand has been about a year in the making, though he kept it on the down-low until now.

Swipe is not the first company Ahgren has launched as he extends his presence beyond streams and videos. The Twitch-star-turned-YouTuber has announced two other ventures this year. Truffle, revealed back in May, is a browser extension that provides a variety of solutions for streamers. More recently, Ahgren announced Offbrand, through which he and his colleagues will produce game shows and other live events hosted by streamers.

Ahgren’s latest entrepreneurial turn may come as a shock to some. Creators aren’t exactly famous for selling bathroom accessories, but the host of The Yard has outed himself as a bidet devotee on numerous occasions. “You gotta get a bidet,” he told Charlie ‘Cr1TiKaL’ White during a 2020 broadcast. “It’s like a moist towelette.”

With his new product line, Ahgren is hoping to share his beloved bathroom device with the world. Though I don’t doubt that some of the $500 thrones will sell, Swipe is merely another stepping stone in a career that is on an upward trajectory. On December 11, Ahgren will combine two influencer trends by hosting a chessboxing tournament. He described that upcoming show as “the biggest event of my career.”

We shouldn’t expect Ahgren to fade from the spotlight anytime soon. But if he ever decides to call it quits as a creator, he can get started on his new career: plumbing. He’ll only need to watch out for those pesky piranha plants.

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