A boxing stream just set Twitch’s new concurrent viewership record

3.3 million is now the number to beat.

Barcelona-based creator Ibai broke Twitch’s previous concurrent viewership record, 2.4 million, during the June 25 livestream of his boxing event La Velada Del Año II (“The Night of the Year II”).

The previous record was set by TheGrefg on Jan. 11, 2021, during a broadcast that unveiled his own custom in-game Fortnite skin.

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After Ibai’s stream, Twitch took to Twitter to confirm the new record and congratulate him. Ibai released his own short statement on Twitter as well, saying, “Récord histórico de Twitch, y no lo siento un récord mío, esto es un récord de la comunidad España-LATAM.”

La Velada Del Año II was the latest in a long line of creator-versus-creator boxing events, and featured five matchups: Carola vs Spursito; Ari Gameplays vs Paracetamor; Momo vs Viruzz; Luzu vs Lolito; and David Bustamente vs Mr Jagger.

Ibai held the original La Velada Del Año in May 2021, and per Dexerto

, promised to hold a second if the first got at least one million live viewers. It ended up with more than 1.5 million.

Dexerto additionally reports that La Velada Del Año II, on top of setting Twitch’s new concurrent viewership record for a single stream/creator, also helped set a new record for total concurrent viewership across the site. The outlet reports Twitch hit 6.6 million concurrent viewers during La Velada Del Año II, and that the boxing event accounted for more than 50% of that traffic.

According to stats site TwitchTracker, Ibai’s channel brings an average of 234,043 concurrent viewers (though it’s worth considering that figure includes Saturday’s 3.3 million, so the average is probably weighted a bit higher than usual).

Ibai has 11.1 million followers, making him the fourth most followed creator on Twitch.

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