With 10 million users and counting, LinkedIn’s Creator Mode gets an update

By 06/08/2022
With 10 million users and counting, LinkedIn’s Creator Mode gets an update

For the past year, LinkedIn has been fostering a homegrown creative community. The March 2021 launch of the platform’s Creator Mode has allowed professionals to function like influencers, and according to LinkedIn, more than 10 million users have enabled that option thus far.

Now, Creator Mode is getting some new features. LinkedIn has add several tools to its creative command center, including Clubhouse-style Audio Events and the ability to add a link at the top of a public profile.

LinkedIn has been testing its Audio Events since the start of 2022, and it is now rolling them out widely. Any user who has Creator Mode enabled will be able to chat with their followers and fans as long as they LinkedIn’s “community policies of being a trustworthy, safe, and professional provider of content.”


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Audio rooms gained popularity during the most isolated months of the COVID-19 era, though interest in them has since cooled, with several major companies moving resources away from their Clubhouse competitors. For LinkedIn, however, Audio Events still make sense. They serve the platform’s primary purpose as a networking tool while also allowing so-called “thought leaders” to amplify their voices.

On the contrary, LinkedIn’s decision to support profile links makes it a player in a red-hot industry. Link-in-bio companies are raising fistfuls of VC funding by allowing creators to connect their accounts to any number of apps and widgets through a single URL. Those external sites can be used to sell merch, collect audience analytics, launch NFT ventures, and much more. For a professional-oriented platform like LinkedIn, a robust creator economy is a must. In a blog post, the company said that link-in-bio support was an oft-requested feature from Creator Mode users.

Other new Creator Mode perks are designed to improve discoverability. These new and upcoming additions include:

  • The ability to automatically convert LinkedIn connections to followers
  • Increased visibility for Creator Mode content in LinkedIn feeds
  • Links that will bring followers on other social platforms to a creator’s LinkedIn account

“18% of all follows on LinkedIn come from LinkedIn search – that’s why we’ve made a number of improvements to how creators like you will show up in search results,” reads a blog post explaining the new features. “Now, if someone searches for a specific person, we’ve made it easy to one-click follow them without needing to leave the search experience.”

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