Okay, Alexa: Get me creator info from Famous Birthdays

By 06/07/2022
Okay, Alexa: Get me creator info from Famous Birthdays

The go-to destination for the biographical data of the stars is coming to a living room near you. Famous Birthdays, which provides a treasure trove of information across its 250,000 celebrity profiles, will now be accessible from Amazon‘s voice-activated Alexa devices.

The addition of the Famous Birthdays database will improve Alexa’s knowledge of the creator community. Though the company’s profiles cover all sorts of A-listers, it is best known for its work with influencers. By incorporating the search data of its predominantly Gen Z userbase, Famous Birthdays identifies creators who are on the up and up.

Now, Alexa will be in the know, too. Despite its name, Famous Birthdays collects a wide range of info, ranging from hometowns to astrological signs to relative popularity rankings. So if users of Amazon’s virtual assistant ask questions like “Alexa, what is Avani Gregg known for” or “Alexa, what is Andre Swilley’s birth sign,” the device will pull the appropriate Famous Birthdays data and pass it on.


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Famous Birthdays founder Evan Britton told Tubefilter that Amazon approached the company in hopes of adding more biographical details to its disembodied support system. “Famous Birthdays has always prioritized user experience; our concise and informative bios allow users to learn about creators across desktop, tablet, and mobile,” Britton told Tubefilter. “In voice, our unique format also provides a fantastic experience, and we are excited for our users to enjoy our creator bios via Alexa.”

In recent years, Famous Birthdays has eyed global expansion, launching versions of its site in languages like Spanish and Portuguese. It will bring that international focus to its Alexa partnership. Amazon’s devices will be able to pull up influencer factoids in five different languages.

And though Famous Birthdays may be known as the “Wikipedia of Gen Z,” there’s no reason to doubt the veracity of the information contained therein. The company employs a 50-person team, which manually researches, writes, and fact-checks the 250,000 profiles that appear on the platform.

There are tens of millions of Alexa devices installed in the U.S. alone, so Famous Birthdays may soon be able to add new users to the 25 million monthly visitors it already reaches. In the meantime, the company will keep dishing out the details that TikTok fans need to have. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go wish happy birthday to Lexi Rivera.

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