Logan Paul wore a rare Pokemon card and got praise from The Rock in his Wrestlemania debut

By 04/04/2022
Logan Paul wore a rare Pokemon card and got praise from The Rock in his Wrestlemania debut

As it turns out, Logan Paul‘s WWE career is not an April Fools’ joke. On April 2, the social media star joined pro wrestling The Miz for a tag-team match at Wrestlemania 38. In front of about 78,000 onlookers at AT&T Stadium in Dallas, Texas, the two Ohio natives joined forces to defeat the legendary Rey Mysterio and his son.

Paul made headlines before the bout even took place. He purchased a rare Pikachu Illustrator Pokemon card for $5.27 million, attached it to a chain, and wore it around his neck as he strode into AT&T Stadium. On the day of the match, Guinness World Records confirmed that Paul paid the highest-ever price for a Pokemon card in a private auction.

Stunts like this one have made Paul a controversial figure (to say the least), and in his Wrestlemania debut, he played up his status as a heel. He walked out to a “chorus of boos,” according to CBS Sports. Unfortunately for his haters, Paul was a standout wrestler in high school and college, and even though the WWE is a whole different ballgame, he had plenty of chances to put his athleticism on display. He and The Miz ultimately emerged victorious, even though Paul caught the receiving end of a double 619 before the fighting was done.

If you thought this match would be the beginning and end of Paul’s Wrestlemania career, then you probably haven’t been playing too many WWE video games lately. After the Mysterios were dispatched, The Miz turned on Paul and slammed him to the canvas, so don’t be surprised if those two announce a battle against one another in the near future.

If Paul wants to do any more tag-team events, he’ll need a new partner. Luckily, he has found a fan in Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. The WWE icon commented on Paul’s Instagram post after the match and offered him effusive praise. Based on that evidence, it would seem Paul’s career as a heel is just beginning.

Photo credit: WWE

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