xQcOW, Pokimane Are Twitch’s Top-Earning Streamers Of 2020 (Report)

By 11/16/2020
xQcOW, Pokimane Are Twitch’s Top-Earning Streamers Of 2020 (Report)

xQcOW and Pokimane are Twitch’s top earners, according to a new report from CashNetUSA’s financial advice site, Saving Spot.

Using data from Twitch and third-party trackers, Saving Spot calculated that Overwatch pro xQcOW (4.2 million followers) is Twitch’s top-earning male streamer, with estimated 2020 earnings of $1,984,001. Pokimane (6.5 million) is the top female streamer, with estimated earnings of $550,060. Estimated incomes include revenue from Channel Subscriptions ($4.99+/month), ads (Saving Spot assumed a CPM of $1), and donations.

Saving Spot found that–perhaps unsurprisingly–most streamers, regardless of gender, earn the majority of their money from ads. But if you isolate the top 10 female and top 20 male earners, the numbers shift a bit: on average, they earn just 16% of their revenue from ads. The bulk of their income, 80%, comes from subscriptions. (If accurate, that makes Pokimane’s recent decision to cap donations at $5 even more significant.) Donations contribute 4%, Saving Spot says.


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Data also showed that top earners tend to make more of their revenue from higher-tier Channel Subscriptions. Songwriter ronnieradke, who Saving Spot estimates earns nearly $972,000 per year from subs alone, makes 4.1% of his annual revenue just from $24.99/month Tier 3 subscriptions.

The report additionally calculated which 10 streamers have “the most generous fans” by looking at the number of Cheers and Bits they receive from viewers. On that front, gamer DarksydePhil (95.9K) came out on top; Saving Spot found he earned $35.16 from Bits and Cheers per follower. CrankGameplays, one half of the popular, recently concluded YouTube project Unus Annus, came in second, with estimated earnings of $21.70 per follower (316K).

Some other findings worth noting: most-streamed games amongst high earners include Valorant, League of Legends, Fortnite, CS:GO, Grand Theft Auto V, and Call of Duty; and 13 of the top 20 male streamers are located in North America.

Here are all 30–10 female, 20 male–of Twitch’s top earners and what Saving Spot estimates they’ll bring this year:

Male streamers:

1. xQcOW–$1,984,001
2. NICKMERCS—$1,737,535
3. ibai—$1,373,605
4. Odablock—$1,298,619
5. TimTheTatman—$1,210,739
6. AuronPlay—$1,209,556
7. TheRealKnossi—$1,068,310
8. HasanAbi—$1,062,826
9. RonnieRadke—$971,978
10. Castro_1021—$966,387
11. Gaules—$950,802
12. BruceGreene—$929,900
13. AtoZonYouTube—$914,041
14. Rubius—$862,566
15. BobbyPoffGaming—$813,062
16. Ludwig—$807,694
17. Summit1g—$795,416
18. Alanzoka—$768,336
19. Clix—$735,573
20. MoonMoon—$727,514

Female streamers:

1. Pokimane—$550,060
2. Amouranth—$384,599
3. LilyPichu—$339,354
4. ItsHafu—$121,542
5. DizzyKitten—$115,311
6. Chicalive—$102,099
7. Loeya—$94,062
8. DanucD—$66,371
9. Sweet_anita—$48,552
10. Becca—$43,985

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