YouTube Exec Ryan Wyatt Says Valkyrae Is “The Fastest-Growing Livestreamer In The Entire World”

By 10/19/2020
YouTube Exec Ryan Wyatt Says Valkyrae Is “The Fastest-Growing Livestreamer In The Entire World”

According to YouTube head of gaming Ryan Wyatt, Valkyrae is the fastest-growing livestreamer in the world.

Wyatt tweeted congratulations to the 100 Thieves member after she posted a screenshot of analytics displaying her audience growth from the beginning of this year—when she left Twitch and signed an exclusive content deal with YouTube Gaming—to now.

From Jan. 15 to Feb. 14, her first month on YouTube, Valkyrae’s live streams of games like Fortnite earned a total of 333,473 live views, with an average of 1,109 concurrent viewers and a peak of 3,217 viewers. Feb. 14 through March 14 brought 297,188 views with an average of 1,632 concurrent viewers and a peak of 4,818 concurrents. The next month, she went up to 967,210 total views, but her average concurrents only increased by around 100 viewers, and her peak slipped to 3,434.

For most of this year, her channel’s trajectory followed this pattern: small gains in month-over-month viewership, with the occasional drop. Then August came.

From Aug. 15 through Sept. 14, her channel brought 6,433,065 live views. Her average concurrent viewership was 11,970, with a whopping peak of 48,651. The next month, her numbers soared even higher: 11,302,838 total views; 31,059 average concurrents; and a peak of 66,963.

So, what happened in August?

Two words: Among Us.

The 2018 multiplayer game recently found a sudden foothold with some of YouTube and Twitch’s most-followed movers and makers, including Markiplier (27.1 million subscribers on YouTube), jacksepticeye (25.1M), Ninja (16M followers on Twitch), Pokimane (5.82), and PewDiePie (107M). Many of them have played the game with Valkyrae (1.62M), who has livestreamed their sessions and uploaded more than 20 videos chronicling her crewmate-slaughtering adventures.

In a tweet, Valkyrae attributed her growth to Among Us, but added that “streaming with friends, YouTube and 100 Thieves” have also helped push her channel to new heights.