Budding TikTok Comedian Boman Martinez-Reid Signs With CAA

By 07/08/2020
Budding TikTok Comedian Boman Martinez-Reid Signs With CAA

Toronto-based TikTok jokester Boman Martinez-Reid has signed with CAA for representation, the 22-year-old shared on Twitter over the weekend.

Martinez Reid launched his TikTok account in Dec. 2019 and has earned 1.3 million followers to date on the strength of his comedic sketches. Much of his content reimagines everyday activities — like walking down the stairs, cooking breakfast, or forgetting Mother’s Day — through the lens of a reality TV show. Martinez-Reid has also astutely spoofed other digital culture touchstones, including beauty guru apology videos (see below) and Genius ‘Official Lyrics’ clips.

Martinez-Reid recently graduated from college, where he studied theater and media production; he tells Flaunt that his TikTok following has blossomed in quarantine.

“Self-expression had always been important to me but It was not until a pandemic locked me in my home that I realized it’s true significance,” he told the outlet. “Whatever experience I was creating a TikTok about, so many others were experiencing the same thing. I have come to realize that self-expression is just human expression.”

In addition to his TikTok following, Martinez-Reid counts 106,000 followers on Twitter and 90,000 followers on Instagram. He is also repped by Scale Management.

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