YouTube is testing a new program that will enable creators whose channels have been demonetized to appeal that decision by — what else? — filming a YouTube video to plead their case.

A review team will now begin to assess short videos sent in by certain demonetized channels — that have been removed from the Partner Program — whereby channel owners will be able to defend their content and explain their creative processes, The Verge reports, citing an email shared by an alleged participant in the pilot program on Reddit. The team will then make a decision about whether ads should be reinstated within seven days.

Currently, channels that have been kicked out of the Partner Program must wait 30 days in order to reapply. The pilot test will likely be a wildly welcome change for participating creators, given that it will enable them to submit their video appeals immediately.

The Verge notes that the pilot program isn’t being extended to controversial creators who publish harmful or hateful content, like Steven Crowder, who was demonetized for his homophobic taunting of Vox journalist Carlos Maza earlier this summer. Instead, the test will serve creators who are caught in the crosshairs of confusing monetization policies, including those who have been demonetized for “repetitive content.” Creators have noticed an uptick in such flaggings, The Verge reports, following rules implemented in October seeking to clamp down on videos that re-purpose third-party footage in a way that isn’t meaningfully transformative.

It is unclear how many creators are involved in the pilot test. The Verge reports that “a very small group of creators” have access to the new video appeals, and the company is looking to expand the program in the future.

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