More Than 500 Hours Of Content Are Now Being Uploaded To YouTube Every Minute

By 05/07/2019
More Than 500 Hours Of Content Are Now Being Uploaded To YouTube Every Minute

Your average person could spend their entire lifetime trying to watch all the content uploaded to YouTube in just one day.

The platform’s users upload more than 500 hours of fresh video per minute, YouTube revealed at recent press events. That works out to 30,000 hours of new content per hour, and 720,000 hours of new content per day.

Divide 720,000 out, and you’ll see that 82.2 years — yes, years — of new video are uploaded to YouTube each and every day.


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This is the first per-minute upload amount we’ve gotten from YouTube since VidCon 2015, where CEO Susan Wojcicki revealed that 400 hours were being uploaded every minute. (That works out to 65.7 years’ worth each day, FYI.) In 2013, a third-party report from Tubular Labs estimated 300 hours were being uploaded.

While these upload amounts are staggering, they’re actually slim compared to the watch time stats YouTube’s also revealed recently. At the NewFronts last week, the platform said more than 250 million hours of content are watched just on TV screens each day. That works out to 173,611 hours being watched per minute — compared to the 500 being uploaded. And that 250 million hours doesn’t even include browser and mobile viewing, for which YouTube hasn’t broken out exact numbers.

Live viewership on YouTube is also amping up. A recent report from StreamElements, a platform that develops tools for streamers, indicated that live viewership doubled from the first quarter of 2018 to the first quarter of 2019. In Q1 2019, people watched 722 million hours of streamed content.

The point is, YouTube’s amount of new content and the amount of eyeballs watching it are growing not just each year, but each minute.

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