Jake Paul’s Team 10 Involved In Yet Another Lawsuit For Trashing Rental Property

By 07/05/2018
Jake Paul’s Team 10 Involved In Yet Another Lawsuit For Trashing Rental Property

It’s pretty much a given that any home in which the bombastic YouTube star Jake Paul temporarily resides is bound to become a disaster area. And the 21-year-old’s destructive antics have once again gotten him into legal hot water. This time, however, it’s Paul’s talent manager at vlogger collective Team 10, Krista Burditt, who is being sued by an Aspen homeowner named Isabelle Friedheim for disorderly conduct.

Friedheim, who owns a house in Aspen’s gated Starwood community, alleges that Burditt unjustly profited from the rental by using the residence for video production, while — in true Team 10 fashion — totally trashing the place. In the suit, Friedheim claims that Team 10 drove vehicles through the property’s tennis courts and across neighbors’ lawns, reports The Aspen Times. Friedheim also cites unreasonable noise, alleging that Team 10 members hurled dishes against windows and walls.

The 13,500-square-foot property is reportedly valued at $10.6 million, though Burditt leased it for $61,148 this past January, according to the Times, in celebration of Paul’s 21st birthday. Naturally, he captured some of the group’s stunts on film, which you can check out in a birthday vlog (below).

If these allegations sound familiar, it’s because Paul’s neighbors on his former West Hollywood block leveled markedly similar claims, which precipitated a $2.5 million lawsuit from Cobra Acquisitions, the landlord of that home. Paul subsequently purchased a $7 million Los Angeles mansion in November, where he can now presumably rage until his heart’s content.