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It’s our first installment of our shiny new weekly Tubefilter Chart of the Top 10 Flipagram Creators. And before we check out who’s currently reigning supreme, trending up, and/or trending down on the video creation platform, let’s give the latest iteration of our Tubefilter Charts some context.

The Genesis Of Tubefilter’s YouTube Charts

We published our first Tubefilter Chart way back on May 31, 2013 just weeks after Billboard began to factor YouTube views into the calculation of its Hot 100 chart rankings. We wrote then how the incorporation of YouTube into Billboard’s calculus represented a seismic shift in how mainstream media and the public at large perceived the world’s largest video sharing site. “What was once considered an entertainment platform an echelon below television, music, and film,” we said, “is now being recognized as an entertainment platform as integral to assessing the current state of pop culture as radio and record sales.” A lot has changed since.

YouTube now has over a billion users worldwide who are consuming hundreds of millions of hours worth of programming every single day. And the platform’s status within the general consciousness and domestic and worldwide entertainment industries can only be described in terms of ascendance. Homegrown YouTube stars have been featured on billboards, in glossy magazines, and on broadcast and cable television commercials in order to market themselves and the medium that gave them their massive audience. Meanwhile, premium studios and more traditional distribution platforms have tapped YouTube creators to headline a growing number of projects, all while YouTube itself is busy courting major A-list celebrities to join a site those celebrities would’ve scoffed at just a few years ago.

While YouTube has grown into a massive global powerhouse in entertainment, the Tubefilter Charts have provided industry insiders with invaluable insight into the specific individuals and broader trends that ebbed into prominence and flowed into obsolence. Now we’re going to do the same for another nascent entertainment platform.

Why Flipagram?

It’s always difficult to tell which newfangled social media network, mobile application, and/or online video sharing service is going to capture the attention of the kids these days (and the associated advertising dollars that are ideally proportional to that attention). I mean, who would’ve guessed a disappearing messaging app that was once synonymous with sexting would grow to become a teen-favorite entertainment option with its own particular set of influencers that could even be the savior of traditional entertainment (if it doesn’t implode first)? Well, a few people, but not a lot.

With the above in mind and the knowledge that individuals like Gary Vaynerchuk (who are prescient enough and/or paying enough attention to the industry can predict  Snapchat, Instagram, and YouTube will be very big things) are few and far between, we want to do our best at Tubefilter to make sense of the growing digital media landscape for the masses and keep an eye on things that could be semi-sleeping giants. That’s why were starting these Flipagram charts. And we already might be too late to the game to be called any kind of prescient.

Launched in May 2012, Flipagram is one of the most popular and easy to use video creation platforms with a wide range of licensed music (over 40 million free, licensed tracks, to be semi-exact). Since it’s release, over 280 million global creators, artists, and users use Flipagram to capture, create, and share compelling visual stories. The application boasts no less than 30 million active monthly users and those users see more than 4.2 billion “moments” every day. And those numbers are just the latest digits that are publicly available, too, circa the first half of 2016. Flipagram’s seemingly only grown since.

Part of that growth and the platforms nascent ascension towards becoming a very big thing has been fueled by massive influxes of cash. Flipagram raised over $70 million in July 2015 and was acquired less than two years later by Toutiao (the BuzzFeed of China), ensuring it has the resources available to sustain and facilitate its long-term growth.

Needless to say, Flipagram’s and numbers (both financial and in terms of its users), make it a very interesting entity to watch in digital media. These charts will help shine a spotlight on the creative class gaining traction on the platform and provide the industry with some insight into what’s gaining traction on the app, as well as the app itself.


The Flipagram Charts are going to take on a few different forms over time, but we’re starting with a very simple views based look at the platform’s Weekly Challenge winners.

The exclusive Weekly Challenges is the first of many growing efforts from Flipagram to foster its Creator Community. The mobile video creation platform is on a mission to reshape itself to become a creator-first mobile hub. The goal is to help millions of existing users to showcase their talents and to become the next generation influencers. We also think it will provide a great lens through which to see a wide variety of creators on the platform and the unique kinds of content they’re creating through the app.

For this week, Flipagram held the #DanceBattle Challenge from 8/18 to 8/25 to discover new talents and encourage creativity. As part of the Challenge, Flipagram partnered with well-known internet dancer and choreographer Matt Steffanina, who created a short choreography specific for the challenge to the song “New Rules” by Dua Lipa. In addition, Flipagram partnered with a famous Hollywood choreographer to activate local dance studio talents to participate in the challenge. Those who participated in the challenge uploaded videos onto Flipagram and shared it across all social media to share the hype.

We’ll dive into the specific creators who are making moves up the charts in future weeks, but for now check out the below to see who’s doing some entertaining things on Flipagram and acquaint yourself with them and the platform. If you don’t yet have Flipagram, you can download the app right here.

Flipagram Logo

Launched in May 2012, Flipagram is one of the most popular and easy to use video creation platform with a wide range of licensed music. Since it’s release, over 280 million global creators, artists and users use Flipagram to capture, create and share compelling visual stories.

Tubefilter Top 10 • Flipagram
The Top 10 Flipagram Creators • Dance Battle Challenge
August 19, 2017 - August 25, 2017
Cassidy Challenge Video Views: 879,680 Position Last Week: N/A All-Time Followers: 518
                United States            
Chloe Arnold Challenge Video Views: 701,572 Position Last Week: N/A All-Time Followers: 1,860
                United States            
Lucky Challenge Video Views: 415,321 Position Last Week: N/A All-Time Followers: 302
                United States            
Karen Parent Managed Account Challenge Video Views: 408,337 Position Last Week: N/A All-Time Followers: 2,360
                United States            
Christian Lagasse Challenge Video Views: 318,289 Position Last Week: N/A All-Time Followers: 218
                United States            
Matt Steffanina Challenge Video Views: 214,015 Position Last Week: N/A All-Time Followers: 15,717
                United States            
Joy Challenge Video Views: 187,842 Position Last Week: N/A All-Time Followers: 535
                United States            
Amy Relf Challenge Video Views: 172,038 Position Last Week: N/A All-Time Followers: 199
                United States            
Jordyn-Elle Murphy Challenge Video Views: 64,124 Position Last Week: N/A All-Time Followers: 50
                United States            
Destiny Rettinger Challenge Video Views: 60,318 Position Last Week: N/A All-Time Followers: 274
                United States            
United States
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