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A new web series out of Australia begins ominously. When the first episode of Amy Danzig ends, viewers still have little idea what the show is actually about, but there are plenty of appealing visuals–and enough blood–to keep viewers curious.

The titular character in Amy Danzig is a mysterious woman (Eden Gale) who, in the debut episode, stumbles upon a grisly scene. Meanwhile, a conspiracy brews, with a Russian mobster and a pair of detectives embroiled within. The episode provides only hints of what’s to come, but it is engaging enough to entice viewers back for more.

Amy Danzig is the creation of Josh Sambono, an Aussie who has been thinking about the titular character for nearly half of his life. According to a press release, Sambono and his friend first sketched out Amy Danzig in high school. “It’s been 12 years since we first came up with the idea for Amy Danzig,” he said, “so I am really excited to see her in action, finally.”

Give Sambono credit: For a man who has apparently spent a dozen years dreaming up this web series, he is being remarkably patient with it. Amy Danzig is an exercise in pacing, and it pulls off its slow-cooked debut quite well. New episodes will arrive on the show’s official YouTube channel.


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