Regular viewers of SourceFed may have noticed that Ross Everett, one of the channel’s main hosts, spent a couple months away from the offbeat news program. We have now learned that Everett’s hiatus gave him time to work on a new project he’s launching with Discovery Digital NetworksRevision3 network. Everett will be the host of The New Showa daily program that will combine the general feel of a late night TV talk show with the offbeat and irreverent soul of the Internet.

Jim LouderbackGM of Disccovery Digital Networks, exclaimed to us, “This show is going to rock!” and we decided to go straight to the source for some more information. Tubefilter spoke with Everett and Matt Labate, Executive Producer at Revision3, about The New Show.

Tubefilter: What’s the new show?

Ross Everett: It’s called The New Show. We’re taking the comedy format that traditional media has done so well and we’re adapting it for the online audience in a way that hasn’t really been done before. We’re looking to keep the authenticity and the tone that I’ve developed, from my personal channel to my time at SourceFed, and I’ve been working really closely with Matt to find the perfect way to find a format that’s fun, not abrasive, and takes interest in what the Internet is talking about.

Matt Labate: If the Internet is talking about it, so are we.

Ross Everett

TF: So how’d this come to be?

Ross: Revision3 and Discovery Digital Networks are based in San Francisco, and when the opportunity arose for me to move back there, it was so interesting because I grew up there and it was something I always wanted to do. The opportunity came a little earlier than I thought it would, but I couldn’t say no.

I had these aspirations while at SourceFed to do something that was more out of the box…I told Revision3 my idea and and they gave us the green light, so Matt and I have been developing it for the past couple months and that’s where I’ve been.

Matt: It’s great to keep him in the Discovery Digital Networks family.

TF: Where will this live?

Ross: It will be a whole new channel as part of the new programming lineup from Revision3. A big part of how the brand update is around working on this new show, aptly called The New Show.

TF: How’d you get it started? What’s the premise?

Ross: We’ve been piloting very secretly, traveling to San Francisco back and forth, building the set, getting the look down. And we have no studio audience, it’s me and a camera. One thing that YouTube provides that traditional media doesn’t is that “one to one” experience with the viewers, so it was important to us that, when we do the show, that we maintain the authenticity and that connection.

TF: What about guests?

Ross: Our guests will do a combination of skits and satire. It’s a playground for opinion. Our goal is to play around with strong opinions and illustrate those in funny and intriguing ways. When we have our guests and our collaborations, they’re going to be playing characters and doing sketches. We’re not going to sit down on a couch and talk to them about their new project. They’re going to be active.

Matt: You can look at it as us taking the best of what a traditional talk show might do, but package it for Millennials in a way that they understand and are used to consuming.

TF: So what’s the tone of The New Show?

Ross: We’re never taking ourselves too seriously. To use an English phrase, we’re taking the piss out of stuff. There’s nothing in American colloquialisms that matches up with that sentiment. We’re not going to offend, but be playful. And we’re not trying to represent both sides of an issue. It’s not a journalistic take on news. We’re here to create a conversation, which is what the Internet is great for. We want people to have different points of view and agree and disagree so we can keep the conversation going on.

Matt: There’s a core value of the Discovery DNA that is satisfying curiosity. every episode we do will satisfy that core value, we’re just not doing it from a pedantic viewpoint.

TF: What’s the support been like from SourceFed and fellow creators?

Ross: The support has been overwhelming to me personally. I adore these people and I look up to them so much, especially since I came to SourceFed as a huge fan of the show. They brought me into the family and it’s meant a lot to have their unwavering support as I’m on this new venture.

I’m also so grateful to Phil Defranco. I’m honored to be in the position that I’m in and have his support moving forward.

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