During YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki‘s presentation at VidCon‘s Industry Day, she revealed a number of new developments that will be coming to the world’s largest video sharing site in the coming months. One of the new features Wojcicki announced is the ability to play videos in 48 and 60 frames per second, and we’ve already seen a few gorgeous-looking videos utilizing these high frame rates.

The group that will most benefit from the higher frame rate is the gaming community, which will now be able to upload game footage to YouTube without as large of a drop in graphical quality. The first video we’ve seen to feature the new frame rates is a trailer for the upcoming Battlefield: Hardline, and sure enough, it looks great. Be sure to watch the video in 1080p for the full effect.

A few YouTube creators have chipped in with 48 and 60 FPS videos of their own. Gamer GhostRobo has posted some high-quality Titanfall footage, while Freddie Wong has posted a new version of his Video Game High School season two trailer that makes use of YouTube’s newly-limited frame rate restrictions.

Your mileage may vary on how big of a deal this actually is. Personally, I found the 60 FPS videos a bit choppy, in a way that reminded me of the 4K video quality YouTube rolled out earlier this year. That choppiness is likely due to the limitations of my computer rather than any problems with the playback itself. Other users may not care about video quality, so long as it is higher than what if often jokingly referred to as “potato” quality.

For some people, though, the new frame rates are a welcome addition that helps YouTube keep pace with advances in technology. If you have a high-powered PC, your video-watching experience is about to get a lot crisper.

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