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YouTube has become the single most popular delivery service for movie trailers. Companies like ZEFR have even been able to build entire businesses off of the original premise of disseminated film clips. Another big player in this industry is VISO Trailers, part of the BroadbandTV network. VISO Trailers recently crossed one million subscribers, so we talked to Dan Gamble, Head of PR at BroadbandTV, about the channel.

Tubefilter: What do you have to say to the one million VISO Trailers subscribers?

VISO Trailers: Hurrah!  Our team is super excited that VISO Trailers has reached a million subscribers, we’re really pleased. We have a great time watching the latest and greatest releases and love digging out prominent trailers from the past and reminiscing about our favorite films. We want to say a big thank you to our fans for watching and we’ll continue to bring you the most talked about trailers.

TF: Why do you think YouTube has become the go-to platform for movie trailers?

VT: It’s important to take a broad view to answer this succinctly. YouTube now has over 100 hours of content uploaded every minute, it continues to grow at an incredible rate and more fans are talking about and sharing their content than ever before.

YouTube remains the number one hub for video content, from trailers, to gaming, entertainment and everything in-between. It’s the go-to platform for a plethora of genres.

TF: How does one break into the trailer distribution business? In other words, how do film marketers choose where to distribute trailers?

VT: Our VISO Trailer content is predominantly made up of premium digital trailer content, we work directly with the content owner and bring the content into our channel so that it’s all in one place for our subscribers to enjoy.

The film teams obviously have their own distribution strategies which work across their own channels, we supplement their campaigns with the VISO Trailer fanbase, allowing them to gain views from an engaged and niche trailer audience.

TF: Does VISO trailers focus on particular genres that the VISO audience will be most interested?

VT: Non-surprisingly it’s generally trailers around major blockbusters that drive the most interest across our audience.  But, if we noticed that there was a sudden interest in trailers around a different category altogether we would certainly look into it.  It’s really about delivering what excites our audience.

TF: Do you think that the proliferation of movie trailers on YouTube has changed the way those trailers are designed, shot, and edited?

VT: It’s certainly evolving but there hasn’t been a fundamental shift in the overall design of the trailers, a lot of our content mirrors the big screen original, it’s not an edited down version.  Our content also tends to be HD and fans will often beam the content to their own big screen in the living room, moving it off their mobile, tablet or gaming device to see the original.

On a broader level, content in general is much more online friendly and the similarities in quality and format between traditional and online are becoming much more closely aligned.  It’s more of a natural progression of where content is going and again it’s across numerous verticals, not just blockbuster trailers.

TF: Any plans to expand beyond movie trailers and post different forms original content?

VT: Yes – although we can’t say too much about our plans at the moment, they’re under wraps!

Again, we’re really focused on delivering what our viewers are looking for and we’ll be rolling out some new and evolving formats when the time is right.

TF: How much of movie promotion do you think is based around trailers and how much is based around other branded promotions?

VT: Movie promotion is a multi-faceted mix of traditional press and PR, with interviews from the actors, to trailers, to ads and reviews all feeding into the overall drive and awareness.  It’s important to look at what social media has done for movie promotion as much of the hype and interest is built or supported online, with up to the minute insights and news being shared in the run-up to and following the launch.

This is where the online trailer space has played an important role as it’s easy for a fan to share a link and showcase their opinion on the trailer with their own communities.

If you look at the promotion that takes place around the launch, the trailer plays a huge role in the overall messaging and discussion as it acts as the lynchpin and hub for the wider discussion.  It’s likely to remain that way too.

TF: What’s your personal favorite trailer on VISO trailers?

VT: I think if you asked any of the VISO Trailer team we’d come back to you with very different answers!  Our most viewed trailer is currently Immortals but we have a really eclectic mix of tastes across our audience group.  Historically, the glossier, more action packed trailers received more views  but we’re seeing trends towards more of  the classic trailers, where fans dig out older trailers in response to their own tastes or in response to what we see in the news.

TF: Any interesting updates we should expect in the next couple of months?

VT: As the channel grows, so will the content.  The content will likely take on different forms, from trailers to more interviews and ‘sneak peaks’  – again, it’s about providing our audience with what they want and delivering on it, so please let us know what you’d like to see more of and thank you for watching!

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