ThreadBanger Will Help You Make The Best Halloween Costume Ever

By 10/04/2013
ThreadBanger Will Help You Make The Best Halloween Costume Ever

It’s October, which means it’s officially normal to start worrying about your Halloween costume. Some of us are content with throwing on a funny shirt and going as whatever lame, lazy pun we can think up, for those of you who want to put actual effort into your October 31st get-up, ThreadBanger has you covered. The do-it-yourself crafting channel has begun another year of Halloween How-Tos, a series that can make you the life of any costume party.

DIYers Corinne Leigh and Rob Czar are masters of Halloween costumes. Since launching their YouTube channel in 2008, Leigh and Czar have provided viewers with a plethora of options, including the Wicked Witch, Michael Jackson, and Sub-Zero.

This year, they are going all out. So far in 2013, we’ve seen Halloween How-Tos for Khaleesi, Cleopatra, and Grumpy Cat. The latest tutorial is arguably the most insane one yet, as Czar explains how to make a Sharknado costume. It looks totally awesome, except it would definitely cause the wearer to smack his Sharknado into every. Single. Doorframe.


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There are still several weeks until the need for Halloween costumes arises, so expect Leigh and Czar to showcase many other options. I’m willing to bet Miley will make it onto the channel in some form.

Again, I’ve never been much for intricate Halloween costumes, but as Czar explains in the Sharknado video, there are practical applications as well, since you can enter contests and win prizes with your awesome homemade outfit. So go out there and win some money, and maybe have some crafting fun while you’re at it.

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