I’ll admit that I often take a very Anglocentric approach to online video, but a study from Edelman shows the ways in which online media transcends the US and UK. The top PR firm’s ‘Global Entertainment Study‘ explains how consumers in countries like China and Brazil now turn to online video before any other medium.

The study surveyed consumers from eight different countries: The US, the UK, China, India, Turkey, Brazil, Korea, and Germany, finding that Chinese and Brazilian respondents prefer online video to TV, movies, music, and mobile apps. China’s online video revolution is led in part by the popularity of mobile phones, which are more popular with the nation’s consumers than both TVs and computers. As for Brazil, well, there are definitely a lot of soccer highlights floating around on the Internet. These two nations were also among the most likely to watch content in non-native languages, suggesting the continued globalization of online media.

Edelman also revealed a few other interesting trends. 70% of viewers now enhance their TV watching through the use of second screens. In particular, the five developing markets in the study (the Asian and South American countries) are particularly plugged in while viewing content. Viewers in those markets are 25% more likely to interact with their favorite stars on social media, 22% to purchase merchandise in real time related to what they are watching, and 28% more likely to interact with their favorite content.

Some of Edelman’s results can viewed via Slideshare; the most interesting parts have been compiled into an infographic, which is embedded below for your viewing pleasure.

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