If you spend a lot of your day looking at image macros, you’re no doubt familiar with the One Does Not Simply‘ meme, based on a line delivered by Boromir in the first Lord of the Rings film. The line is so widespread that it even made it into one of the all-time great Google bombs.

‘One Does Not Simply’s popularity spiked in early 2012, but that’s not stopping Rooster Teeth from milking it dry. The popular gaming channel is the home of A Simple Walk Into Mordor, a four part web-series following two Lord of the Rings fans who attempt to journey from the filming location of The Shire to the filming location of Mount Doom, proving you can in fact walk into Mordor.

The two fans, Kerry and Chris, traveled across the globe to New Zealand, where they met up with a native Kiwi  who filmed them on their journey and acted as a Sherpa of sorts. To make the journey more authentic, the pair dressed in clothes similar to Frodo and Sam’s and wore shoes shaped like Hobbit feet. Of course, I don’t think Tolkien’s heroes lugged around several pounds of backpacking equipment, but Kerry and Chris’ journey is nonetheless a very dedicated one.

As with the actual Lord of the Rings films, the series mainly involves a lot of walking, though we get some fence-jumping and blister-lancing to spice things up. Two episodes have been released thus far, with two more sets of trials to come before the Tolkien-obsessed duo can toss their ring replica into the fires of not-actually-Mount-Doom.

As for Rooster Teeth, it’s nice to see them following the lead of Machinima and branching out beyond video games. The series is co-distributed by Blip, who previously worked with Rooster Teeth on The Gauntlet. The partnership is proving that one DOES simply create a solid channel beyond Red vs. Blue and Achievement Hunter.

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