Woody Allen turns 75 today. I wasn’t aware his birthday was any kind of internet event. Sure, the Diamond Anniversary of the birth one of the most influential American film directors of all time doesn’t receive as much attention from the internet as Talk Like a Pirate Day, but it’s getting some play.

New York newspaper articles, the launch of the third season of independent web series duder, and the following spoof tribute on Comedy Central’s Atom.com shows Allen maintains at least some degree of relevance in internet culture.

In Woody Allen, This is Crazy, Tony Forkush provides the uncanny vocal impersonation of Allen (which is so good, there’s even a disclaimer at the top of the video indicating it’s not the real deal), while the very talented, Streamy Award-winning animator Dan Meth pens the visual effects, spot on dialogue, and Allen’s picture perfect, neurotic, physical gesticulations.

woody-allen-75-birthdayIt’s the latest in a series of videos Meth’s done for Atom.com. The cartoon animator’s been on a tear since the finales of his Next New Networks series Nite Fite and Meth Minute. In addition to the Atom videos, he’s done work for Comedy Central’s Ugly Americans, upped the output of “daily illustrations and viral meme fodder” on his highly entertaining personal blog (which you should subscribe to if you don’t already) and produced even more timely cartoons for College Humor.

What’s does Meth’s future have in store aside from a screening of Mighty Aphrodite? Hopefully some television. Meth tells me he’s been shopping TV show pitches around to all the networks. Fingers crossed will see his work on the small screen soon.

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