ABC Gets 'In the Motherhood'

By 09/08/2008
ABC Gets 'In the Motherhood'

Last week television execs showed they tune into online programming and they like what they see.  

Michael Buckley of What the Buck? signed a development deal with HBO, Bre Pettis announced the airdate of his pilot for the History Channel, and ABC ordered 13 episodes of the MSN online original, In the Motherhood

Produced by MindShare Entertainment, the series targets 30-something baby mommas by having its hosts – TV vet Leah Remini (King of Queens), comedian Chelsea Handler (Reno 911), and object of my early-teenage affection Jenny McCarthy (Playmate-turned-parenting-author) – reenact real-life stories of motherly growing pains based on viewer submissions. 

It’s funny, and based on its viewereship (over 3 millioin per episode for its second season), moms are tuning in.  

The deal was announced earlier this year, but the actual order for episodes came across the wire late last week.  The transition to TV might be bittersweet for some In the Motherhood fans, as Megan Mullally and Cheryl Hines are rumored to replace Handler and McCarthy.

For moms who still want to get their maternal tips online instead of on network TV, you can still catch Cool Mom and Mommycast’s recently launched video series.