If Amanda Condgon’s departure as host of Rocketboom taught us anything, it’s that the show’s creator, Andrew Baron doesn’t get enough credit.

After the pair’s public spat and irreconcilable differences sent 2006’s shining star of web video on her merry way, Baron quickly found in Joanne Colan a likable, English-accented, ex-MTV replacement. The transition didn’t occur with Wallstrip-like efficiency, but Colan took upon hosting duties with only minor hiccups, and Baron nurtured the show along a quick and speedy recovery…to the point where he’s now busy expanding the brand and developing more series.

Congdon hasn’t fared as well. Following Amanda Across America – a three-month, environmentally oriented, cross-country trip, where she proved to be a great interviewer and competent host – her work has been mediocre.

Her alleged deal with HBO still hasn’t amounted to anything more than a headline. Her yearlong stint on ABC News was a poor, ill-conceived Rocketboom recreation that never really took off. Her personal videoblog, Starring Amanda, was mired in irrelevance and made-up characters that could only be entertaining to her closest friends.

Sometimesdaily, “an off-beat, interactive variety show exploring life’s theme’s through the inquisitive eyes of Amanda Congdon” looks like it will follow suit:


###Judging by the preview, Sometimesdaily seems too attached to its host’s sense of humor to be palatable to anyone who’s not already a Congdon fan. It’s cool if she wants to create videos to be enjoyed by her clique – lots of other people just won’t watch ’em.  

But it’s kinda too bad. As evidenced by her time on Rocketboom, she’s got a helluva lot of accessible entertainment value when working with the right producer. Hopefully the crew at Sometimesdaily will find their flow, or Congdon will eventually get paired up again with someone who can find it for her.

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