Coca-Cola cries “Happy Tears” with a TikTok-exclusive flavor

By 02/08/2024
Coca-Cola cries “Happy Tears” with a TikTok-exclusive flavor

The world’s biggest beverage brand is dipping its toes into the TikTok Shop waters. Coca-Cola has unveiled two new flavors: A permanent addition called Coca-Cola Spiced and a TikTok-exclusive option titled Happy Tears.

According to Coca-Cola, Happy Tears lives up to its weepy moniker by blending classic Coke taste with “a splash of salty minerals.” The product will only be available through TikTok Shop, which has been gaining steam in the West despite encountering some setbacks during its rollout. Coca-Cola’s presence on Shop is good news for TikTok, which has built up its Stateside sales team as part of its effort to onboard new vendors.

Happy Tears is set to hit TikTok Shop in the U.S. and U.K. on February 17, a date that has been dubbed Random Acts of Kindness Day. Coca-Cola Senior Director for Global Strategy Oana Vlad told AdAge that the beverage brand has enlisted 14 influencers to support the launch of its limited-edition line.


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“TikTok Shop is growing in terms of its user base, and that’s where influencer content plays a key role because there are a lot of influencers that focus specifically around TikTok Shop,” Vlad said at an event in New York. “That’s going to be a key to the project.”

Coca-Cola’s strategy for its Shop-based campaign will include some touches that promote sharing. Happy Tears will only be sold in a two-pack, which encourages buyers to give a can to a friend. Each package will cost $9.99 and will include a t-shirt and stickers emblazoned with positive messages. The initial run includes just 7,750 packages in total.

Happy Tears is the latest addition to Coca-Cola Creations, a line introduced in 2022. Through its Creations brand, Coca-Cola rolls out limited-edition products that are often developed in tandem with celebrities. Previous Creations have included collabs with Rosalía and The Jonas Brothers.

Coca-Cola sees its Creations line as an opportunity to reach out to new customers, particularly those in the Gen Z cohort. Vlad told AdAge that 75% of consumers who engage with Creations products are new to the Coke brand.

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