A new platform is trying to take on Twitch and Kick by adding minigames to streaming sessions

By 11/21/2023
A new platform is trying to take on Twitch and Kick by adding minigames to streaming sessions

Is there room for one more platform in the crowded landscape of video game streaming? Noice is hoping to break into that industry by offering a novel, gamified format.

Noice, which describes itself as a “true multiplayer experience,” launched a closed beta on November 21. Like Twitch and Kick, the new platform is a home for streamers who want to publicly broadcast their gameplay. At launch, Noice is offering creator monetization with a favorable revenue split. Streamers will take home 70% of their earnings on the platform, with the other 30% going to Noice.

Those features sound similar to the offerings on other platforms. Noice is looking to differentiate itself through a gamified structure that combines elements of streaming, gambling, and collectible card games. As streamers play, their viewers can wager on the outcome of the match. The available bets come in the form of cards, and viewers receive in-platform rewards when their predictions come true. The goal is to create a game-streaming experience that includes little to no downtime. Noice will even offer tours of active game arenas in between matches.


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Noice complements its unique setup with a robust array of social features. Individual users can select personalized avatars, allowing streamers can easily identify their regular viewers. “Creator Cards” will add another collectible for fans — and another revenue stream for broadcasters.

The $27 million Noice has raised thus far includes a $21 million round announced this year. The platform’s backers include entrepreneurs who held roles at game companies like Unity, Supercell, and King. Noice’s CEO, Jussi Laakkonen, previously served as Executive Vice President at Unity.

According to VentureBeat, Noice has been in the works for four years, with much of its development occurring during the COVID-19 pandemic. Initially, the platform’s gamified features will only be available for two battle royale titles: Fortnite and Apex Legends. Noice is slated to emerge from its private beta in 2024.

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