Viral Nation’s new analytics platform helps brands unlock “the future of the creator economy”

By 09/12/2023
Viral Nation’s new analytics platform helps brands unlock “the future of the creator economy”

Viral Nation is known for connecting creators with brands, and its new product will enhance influencer-led campaigns. The marketing and technology company has revealed CreatorOS, an analytics platform designed to streamline creator-brand relations.

CreatorOS (which, like other products from its company, is styled as Viral Nation_CreatorOS) is an end-to-end solution that optimizes multiple steps of the influencer marketing process. Brands that leverage the platform will receive assistance with talent discovery and will be able to track creator partnerships after they go live. In a press release, Viral Nation noted that CreatorOS is designed to address partners’ brand safety and vetting concerns.

“Viral Nation_CreatorOS is a testament to our unwavering commitment to innovation. It consolidates all facets into a robust platform, unlocking the future of the creator economy,” said Viral Nation CTO Manny Kandola in a statement. “Here, brands, creators, talent agents, and promotional partners unite for a revolutionary digital transformation. The Viral Nation_CreatorOS multiplatform analytics leverage the power of social listening and deep data analysis to understand every dimension of brand performance, glean unparalleled insights, and drive informed decision-making.”


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Though CreatorOS can be applied to multiple forms of influencer marketing, Viral Nation is positioning the product as a particularly good fit for nanoinfluencer and microinfluencer campaigns. In those cases, CreatorOS can keep track of a large number of partnerships and deliver accurate measurement solutions.

Viral Nation has been a leading name in influencer marketing over the past decade. To complement that side of its business, the multinational firm has recently made several advancements in its talent management business. It hired several key execs earlier this year and recently bulked up its creator lineup by adding big names like Brooke Ashley Hall, The McCartys, and Cale Brown.

Brands can learn more details about CreatorOS and request a demo by visiting the Viral Nation website.

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