Netflix may be losing approval during the writers’ strike, but the kids still love it

By 08/16/2023
Netflix may be losing approval during the writers’ strike, but the kids still love it

Netflix‘s actions during the 2023 WGA and SAG strikes have made it a villain among writers, actors, and even its own shareholders, but there’s one group that still supports the embattled streaming service: Generation Alpha. Members of the youngest named generation identified Netflix as their favorite brand in the latest edition of an annual survey conducted by consulting firm Beano Brain.

Beano Brain surveyed 60,000 kids between the ages of seven and 14 to compile its list of the 100 Coolest Brands for Kids & Teens. The #1 spot went to Netflix, which was dubbed “cool” by 72% of U.K.-based respondents. The brand that topped Beano Brain’s list last year — YouTube — settled for second place in the latest ranking.

McDonald’s came in third, followed by Nike and Oreo. Other tech companies in the top 25 included Roblox (#9), Apple (#11), Amazon (#12), Google (#19), Spotify (#20), and TikTok (#21).


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Infographic courtesy of Beano Brain

Beano Brain doubled the number of entrants in its list after ranking Gen Alpha’s top 50 brands a year ago. The firm attributed that decision to the growing brand awareness among young consumers. Beano Brain Director of Insight Helenor Gilmour identified “salience and a clear proposition” as two qualities shared by many of the listed companies.

“Netflix is number one at meeting Gen Alpha’s needs from a brand when it comes to having a clear and salient proposition, the ability to create a sense of occasion to share with family and friends, and exposure to interesting collaborations and edgy, sometimes dark, content,” Gilmour added. She said that the streamer’s programming helps young viewers “explore the socio-economic landscapes and shape their opinions within a safe space.”

The adoration of Netflix among young consumers shows a clear generational divide between the Alpha cohort and their parents. Even though screenwriters and actors have dubbed Netflix “enemy number one,” the streaming service maintains strong brand loyalty thanks to hit shows like Wednesday and Stranger Things.

To download the complete Beano Brain report, sign up on the firm’s website.

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