TikTok’s Youth Council will take “the experience of teens” into account

By 06/27/2023
TikTok’s Youth Council will take “the experience of teens” into account

TikTok wants to forge a stronger bond with its core audience. In a blog post, the video app announced its plan to establish a Youth Council, which will include teens from around the world.

Though the development of the Youth Council is still in its early stages, TikTok already has big ideas for the project. “Later this year we’ll launch TikTok’s global Youth Council, where we will listen to the experiences of those who directly use our platform and be better positioned to make changes to create the safest possible experience for our community,” reads TikTok’s blog post.

TikTok explained that the Youth Council will function similarly to the other advisory groups it has put together. The ByteDance-owned app has worked with experts from around the world to improve its commitment to health and safety. In 2020, it established a Creator Diversity Council in order to elevate Black causes and voices.


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By bringing important conversations to its Youth Council, TikTok plans to listen to some of its most vulnerable users. Multiple studies have found that the app has a deleterious effect on the mental health of teens, who sometimes struggle to resist TikTok’s addictive algorithm.

At the same time, TikTok and its Gen Z community have become close allies in the ongoing tug-of-war with the U.S. government. Young users joined the ranks of creators who demonstrated on Capitol Hill in order to voice their opposition to a potential TikTok ban. Through the popular app, teens and twentysomethings have cultivated strong political opinions while strengthening bonds in their respective communities.

TikTok hopes that its Youth Council will support teens as they continue to make their voices heard. “This new Youth Council will provide a more structured and regular opportunity for youth to provide their views,” reads the introductory blog post.

But it’s not all fun and games for teens on TikTok. The app is also rolling out new features for the Family Pairing service it introduced in 2020. When Family Pairing is turned on, parents and caregivers will now be able to customize the list of topics that are off-limits for their children.

Some teens may not like the new-and-improved version of Family Pairing. If they have complaints, they’ll soon be able to take it up with the Council. TikTok said it will provide more details about its teen advisory group “in the coming months.”

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